Top 3 Bestselling Backpack Diaper Bags

Just Say "No" to the Shoulder Bag Choosing the perfect diaper bag is something I didn't put a lot of thought into as I built my baby registry with my first child. My motto: pick the cutest diaper bag you can find! Boy was I wrong! I quickly found that the cloth Vera … Continue Reading →

Pampers Diaper Deal | $3 Off Coupon

These are some of the best Pampers diaper deals I've seen this year-- especially for Pampers brand diapers! I knew all of you Mamas out there would appreciate saving a few bucks on these! We never know how long these deals are going to last, so I'd place your order … Continue Reading →

How To Take Plexus Slim, Bio Cleanse, ProBio5

If you're just receiving your Plexus products, you're probably reading the labels thinking "huh? ??" It seems a little overwhelming at the beginning, but I will go over exactly how to take Plexus Slim, Bio Cleanse and ProBio5. The important thing to understand is that … Continue Reading →

Review – Fitnessblender 8 Week Program

If you are looking for an affordable workout program for some serious fat loss/weight loss or even strength training, the FitnessBlender 8 week program aiming at fat loss is one that you should definitely consider! in this review, I'll give you detailed information … Continue Reading →

Plexus Price List » SIMPLIFIED

I always had a difficult time searching the web for a simplified Plexus price list, so I decided to create one myself! The table shows the different prices per product/combo based on the way in which you are signed up. Download … Continue Reading →

6 Reasons To Love NEW Plexus Slim

The Plexus BIG REVEAL was a big deal. Just when you thought the "Pink Drink"  couldn't get any better, it did! Plexus Worldwide announced their brand new Plexus Slim product, and it's worthy of every bit of … Continue Reading →