The Best Potty Training Chair (Ever) + FREE Potty Chart

A Search For The Best Potty Training Chair...ever. We are currently in full-blown potty-training mode at our house, a task that every mom looks forward to, right??When it comes to potty training, you need the best. As overwhelming as the process is, choosing the right potty seat will definitely take some of the stress away from the process by saving you frustration and precious time! After a … [CONTINUE READING...]

Cricut Beginner: Knockout Slice Letters Tutorial

Cricut Tutorials - Knockout Letters I love new Cricut project ideas, and this Design Space creation is a lot of fun. It's a great project to give away as a gift or creating something personalized with your Cricut machine.It's also great for anyone, whether you are a Cricut beginner, or you've been using a cutting machine for  years but wanting to try a new project. This is a really fun one. … [CONTINUE READING...]

Save Money By Learning How To Clean Cricut Mat

Are you wondering how to clean your Cricut cutting mat when it looks like it's time to toss it in the trash? I've got a better, more budget-friendly, solution!There are so many different ways you can clean and restick your cricut cutting mats (or any cutting mat for that matter), so I have narrowed them down by the ones that actually work.Before you begin cleaning your mat, I would … [CONTINUE READING...]

How To Get Free Fonts For Cricut Design Space

Follow this simple tutorial on how to add FREE fonts to Cricut Design Space. In this tutorial, you will learn the easy steps involved in adding fonts to Cricut Design Space, and the best part about it--all of the fonts are completely free! It's so easy, and too simple to actually pay money for fonts. Save your money for that fancy vinyl you've been wanting to buy, not paying for … [CONTINUE READING...]

Lip & Tongue Tie Revision: Before & After Photos of Baby’s Frenectomy + Post-Op Exercises

Lip & Tongue Tie Revision: What To Expect After Baby's Frenectomy (W/Photos) & Exercises To Do At Home Why Won't My Baby Nurse? When my baby hit 4 weeks, I began recognizing a new habit--refusal to nurse while awake. At first, it was only occasionally but it grew into complete refusal to breastfeed (or bottle feed).  This being my third breastfed baby, I thought nothing of it. I have a … [CONTINUE READING...]

Top 10 Multi Use Nursing Covers » Voted By Real Moms 2018

Finding the perfect nursing cover can be a little tricky! When I had my first baby, the multi use cover was not an option. Now that I'm currently nursing my third, I can honestly say I've tried everything on the market, and my nursing poncho is definitely my favorite.“disigncenter wp-image-1229" src="" alt="best multi use nursing … [CONTINUE READING...]

How To Slice In Cricut Design Space 3 • Design Space Tutorials

Learning Cricut Design Space 3 may seem a little confusing, but I've created some simple tutorials that will help guide you through different processes in this new(ish) program. In this tutorial, you will learn how to slice in Cricut Design Space 3.The slice tool in Cricut Design Space is used to split two overlapping images, or text into different parts.With the slice tool you can: … [CONTINUE READING...]

Baby Deals & Coupons on Amazon » February 2018

There are some really huge baby deals and savings on Amazon this month!! The deals and coupons cover just about everything: bottles, skin care, gift sets, bathing necessities, blankets, monitors, diapers & wipes, formula, clothing, and everything in between. I've put together a list of the best deals, saving you the MOST money! We all love to save, right??Here are the TOP current deals on … [CONTINUE READING...]